Pharmacy App Download
April 17, 2023
Managing your prescriptions has never been better! The new Co-op Pharmacy app is now available for free download on Apple and Android devices.

The Co-op Pharmacy app puts convenience at your fingertips with secure, confidential access to your prescription profile, and refill your prescriptions from just about anywhere. Interested in setting pick-up reminders? Please request directly with your Saskatoon Co-op Pharmacy.

The new Co-op Pharmacy app is designed to fit perfectly in your busy lifestyle and make your pharmacy experience more convenient.

Patient Login provides private and confidential access to your prescription profile on demand. Here you’ll find the names and doses of each medication, directions for use, last fill dates of each prescription, number of refills remaining and expiry dates of each prescription.

The size, shape and colour of each medication is also provided to make it easy for you to identify which medication is which. Easily track your full list of medications when you visit your doctor or when you’re travelling with the Patient Login function.

Take control of your refills

Refill your prescriptions quickly and easily with Quick Refill. Simply enter your phone number and prescription numbers, then hit submit. You can specify whether you want to pick up the prescription at your Saskatoon Co-op Pharmacy or have the prescription delivered to you.

Once your refill is submitted, the app will alert you if the prescription has been successfully submitted, if the refill request is too early, or the prescription is expired or has no refills remaining.

A wealth of pharmacy information

Set up refill reminders for each of your prescriptions to alert you in advance of each prescription running out. You’ll never have to worry about running out of medication again.
The Co-op Pharmacy app also provides the address and hours of operation for your local Co-op Pharmacy. You can access the latest Co-op Pharmacy flyer and Co-op social media channels.

Download the new Co-op Pharmacy app today to keep you connected to Saskatoon Co-op Pharmacy and change the way you manage your health.

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