Unveiling the 9 Mile & Co-op Belgian Tripel
January 17, 2024

The 9 Mile & Saskatoon Co-op collaboration Belgian Tripel is now available at our liquor stores! 

Several months ago, our sommeliers had the opportunity to tour the 9 Mile brewery, where they witnessed the beer-making process, from milling the barley and mashing it to convert it to sugars, selecting the hops, and sampling the wort. They also transferred the beer into wine barrels from Burrowing Owl Vineyards for a quick aging process. 

On December 7th, Saskatoon Co-op Liquor and 9 Mile officially unveiled the Belgian Tripel at Pop Wine Bar in Saskatoon, SK, and had esteemed guests join our Co-op sommeliers for the program: 

  • Shawn Moen - CEO & Co-Founder of 9 Mile ⁠
  • Garrett Pederson - Head Brewer & Co-Founder at 9 Mile ⁠
  • Jim Moen - Shawn's father and the farmer that grew the barley ⁠
  • Aaron Beattie - Barley Breeder at the Crop Development Centre ⁠
  • Matt Enns - Owner of Makers Malt where the barley was malted ⁠
  • Erin Cote - Representing the Cote family of Black Fox Farm & Distillery as 9 Mile has also created a whisky with the same barley at Black Fox ⁠
  • Christie Peters - Chef & Owner of Pop Wine Bar and Primal Pasta, who created a dish to pair with the beer incorporating barley from the Moens ⁠

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the evening with us, and for those who have not tried out the Belgian Tripel yet, you can find them at Saskatoon Co-op liquor stores or order online at shopliquoryxe.ca.