Saskatoon Co-op Can Meet Your Direct Drop Fuel Needs
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January 19, 2024

Direct drop deliveries are available to our farm and commercial customers who require large quantities of fuel for their operation. These direct drops can be booked directly from the CO-OPĀ® Refinery Complex or from one of our many Saskatoon Co-op fuel terminals, and is a safe and effective method for receiving large deliveries of bulk fuel.

If your operation is interested in direct delivery of fuel, there are a few considerations to keep in mind first. 

Minimum Drop Requirements

Consult with our Saskatoon Co-op Bulk Fuel Team on minimum tank size and minimum drop requirements. Call 306-933-3833 to speak to our team today.

Tank Requirements

  • Tanks should be equipped with 2-inch or 3-inch camlock couplers (3-inch couplers preferred).
  • Venting lines must be at least 2 inches to handle off-loading at 840 L/min.
  • All tanks must be levelled and properly grounded.
  • Must have one ball valve before a one-way check valve on the offloading side and ideally another at the fill port connection.
  • Must be bottom loading; drivers cannot be on top of tanks for any reason.

Site Requirements

  • Yard must be all-weather accessible and have sufficient room for the delivery unit to get in and out without having to back up.
  • Fuel tanks should be easy to access. Delivery units only have 20 feet of hose, so anything further away from road access may not be able to get filled.
  • Must have RM/County approval for the size and gross vehicle weight of the delivery unit.

Direct drop access and product availability varies by local Co-op. Speak with our Bulk Fuel Team member for details: 306-933-3833.