February 24, 2024

March is Pharmacy Appreciation Month – recognizing pharmacy professionals as a critical part of the health care team that keeps Canadians safe and healthy. 

In urban, rural and remote communities across Canada, people see pharmacy teams making a real difference. With unmatched convenience and accessibility on the frontlines, pharmacies are community health hubs, delivering value through their expertise and trusted care.

Pharmacists are highly respected as the medication-management experts of the health care team. They can identify and resolve significant drug therapy problems and help prevent patients from hospitalizations.

When drug therapy is required for an individual, pharmacists provide the essential expertise to help achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes from medications. Pharmacists assess an individual’s health and drug therapy needs, develop care plans, provide medication consultations and medication reconciliation and resolve drug-related problems. Optimal drug therapy outcomes for individuals are most successful when pharmacists provide high-quality services according to the core competencies and standards of practice designated in their profession.

Not only are pharmacists and their staff a trusted source of information and advice for Canadians, but they also work closely with other health professionals to empower patients by giving them the information they need to be involved in their own care – including the promotion of safe and effective medication management.

Every year in March, patients, government and healthcare providers focus on the incredible dedication and impact of pharmacy teams. We express our heartfelt thanks for pharmacy’s unwavering commitment to providing continuity of care for patients.

Pharmacy Appreciation Month is a time to celebrate our pharmacists and to give thanks and appreciation for the important role they play every day in our health, our communities and our lives. Take a moment this March to visit your Saskatoon Co-op Pharmacy and say thank you to your pharmacy team for all that they do.

Watch the video to learn more about our Pharmacy team: