Bakery Supervisor
Saskatoon Co-op
Full time


• To come to work with a positive, professional approach, appearance and attitude.
• To be dependable for all scheduled shifts.
• To be responsible for ensuring that the department meets the production requirements at all times.
• To be responsible for ensuring that the department produces high quality products.
• To be responsible for the procurement of merchandise within the department.
• To ensure that the departments receiving and handling of merchandise meets all Saskatoon Co-op policies, procedures and standards.
• To be responsible for maintaining housekeeping standards within the location.
• To be responsible for Human Resources areas within the department.
• To assist in the training of all Bakery staff.
• To be responsible for the adherence and enforcement of Saskatoon Co-op policies and procedures.
• To ensure that Saskatoon Co-op’s equipment is being operated and maintained in a safe and responsible manner.
• To be responsible for operation and administration requirements of the department.
• To be responsible in the area of loss prevention.
• To ensure outstanding courteous customer service is provided in the department at all times.
• To prepare, bake and finish bakery products as required, including mixing of doughs, batters, and processing the product to the point of sale.
• Other duties as may be assigned.
• Applicants must possess a minimum of 2 years related experience with Bakery product lines in order to effectively operate in all areas of the department.
• Must exhibit supervisory capabilities with the ability to effectively supervise staff in order to maintain maximum production.
• Must have minimum 1 year supervisory experience.
• Must be physically able to perform the lifting and carrying required in the department.
• Must have capability to operate the required equipment for the preparation, merchandising and sale of Bakery products.
• Must possess a positive attitude, have excellent communication and problem solving skills, be organized and demonstrated initiative.

To apply, please fill out the attached application form above and send it to:
Human Resources Department
201 503 Wellman Crescent
Fax: 306.933.0352

For inquiries about this position, please call 306.933.3810

Application Deadline:
December 22, 2018